Children’s MARS Education and Training Programme

To view the full training offer, see the Children’s MARS Education and Training Programme.

Designated Safeguarding Leads (Education)

To view the training requirements for Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) in schools and for further information about the DSL termly forum, visit the Designated Safeguarding Leads training page.

Early Years staff

To view the training requirements for Early Years staff and for further information about the Early Years DSL forum, and available safeguarding training courses specifically for early years staff, visit the Early Years training page.

Children’s MARS toolkits

A range of toolkits are available on the resources page to view and download. These toolkits contain a wealth of information relating to spotting the signs of harm, how to respond to it and sources of further information and support.

Children’s MARS Multi Agency Safeguarding Training Standards

As a member of Yorkshire and Humber Multi Agency Safeguarding Trainers (YHMAST), the Children’s MARS Board have adopted a number of training standards to reflect good practice and encourage a minimum standard in relation to the delivery of safeguarding training. In addition, a number of local standards have been agreed which sit alongside them.

Our training standards document can be viewed below:

Children’s MARS Multi-Agency Safeguarding Training Standards

Have you facilitated any multi-agency training?

As part of our commitment to provide quality education and training opportunities to our partnership workforce, the Children’s MARS Board collects data on multi-agency training that has taken place across North Lincolnshire which is specific to children and families. The information is used in the design of future training events, and to evaluate the impact of any training that has been provided.

If you have facilitated any training within your agency that has had multi-agency attendance, we are asking that you let us know by completing this pro-forma and submitting it to

Our training survey is available for partners to use to collect feedback from those who have attended multi-agency training. The link is included in the above pro-forma which can be circulated via email to attendees to complete.

Domestic Abuse – The Blue Door training programme

Domestic abuse training available through the Blue Door Domestic Abuse service is available here.

Other sources of domestic abuse training can be found on the NL SAB website.

Children’s MARS Education and Training

North Lincolnshire Children’s MARS Board seeks to support individuals in keeping up to date with their knowledge and skills and also in the acquisition of further skills and expertise through the provision of training and in supporting development opportunities. The training provided by the Children’s MARS Board supports practitioners in maintaining and developing their core skills for working and engaging with children, young people and their families.

As part of the development opportunities provided by the board it runs information sessions, practice forums, locality days and conferences; which promote putting theory into practice, developing expertise and will enhance confidence in protecting children and young people. Publications that support learning and that may be of interest are highlighted in the awareness level training section.

There will be an expectation for employers to ensure staff complete the feedback survey sent to all attendees of Children’s MARS Board courses in relation to the effectiveness of training in relation to practice. Upon completion of the feedback survey, delegates will receive certification from the Children’s MARS Board.

To view the full list of Children’s MARS training courses, training content and e-Learning view the Children’s MARS Education and Training Programme.

How to book

To book your place on a course, please complete and return the Course Booking Form to

The Children’s MARS team will provide email confirmation that your place has been reserved and send an electronic invitation via email to reserve the date in your diary.

One week prior to the course, any additional information and/or pre-reading will be distributed to attendees.

Upcoming Courses

For further information on upcoming courses including course content, please view the Children’s MARS Education and Training Programme.