Early Help

Accessing support from Children’s Services Single Point of Contact

The below document sets out what professionals should do if they need to seek support for children and families including when to contact the Single Point of Contact.

Flowchart – Accessing support from NLC

Family Support Services and One Family Hub – Request for service

The below request for service form should be used by professionals who believe that additional support is required from Family Support Services or the One Family Hub. This form should not be used instead of making a referral to Children’s Services Single Point of Contact.

For further details on how to report concerns about a child, see the Children, Young People and Families page.

If this request requires immediate consideration, please complete this request form AND hold a discussion with a Family Support Service Team Leader or The One Family Hub. The form should be completed in full and submitted via email to fasst.enquiries@northlincs.gov.uk;

Request for service form

Early Help

When early help is needed, we know that families want help from people and professionals that they know and trust. The One Family Approach gives the permissions for professionals, including those working with adult family members, to act early and provide the help that is needed.

In line with the One Family Approach, professionals should seek to enable families to find solutions, based upon their strengths, to improve outcomes and be independent from services.

Professionals should know when and how to make a plan for a child and their family, when they should access further help and support from their manager or partner agencies, and when to refer to social work services in line with the specialist level of need which is outlined in the One Family Approach – Helping Children and Families in North Lincolnshire document.

A Lead Professional is usually the person who has the best relationship with the child and family, or who has the most contact. They complete the Early Help Assessment and coordinate review meetings. This role is reviewed regularly to make sure they are still the right person to lead the plan.

Working Together 2018 places a statutory responsibility on the safeguarding partners and other local organisations and agencies to work together to:

  • identify children and families who would benefit from early help
  • undertake an assessment of the need for early help
  • provide targeted early help services to address the assessed needs of a child and their family which focuses on activity to improve the outcomes for the child

Early Help Assessment Forms and Guidance

Here you will find everything you need to start an Early Help Assessment.

Let us know you’re completing the assessment by registering the details using the below link:

Click here to register an Early Help Assessment

The following forms and guidance are available to download:


For process enquiries contact: earlyhelp@northlincs.gov.uk