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To report concerns about a child, to seek support for a family or to request information

If you are concerned that a child is being abused or they may be at risk of harm, or to request information you should contact North Lincolnshire’s Children’s Services Single Point of Contact on:

01724 296500 (9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm Friday)


01724 2965555 (answerphone – out of office hours and at weekends)

101 – Police non-emergency

999 – Police emergency

General enquiries

Children’s MARS Team

Church Square House
30-40 High St
DN15 6NL

Email: mars@northlincs.gov.uk

Children’s MARS arrangements

The Children’s Multi-Agency Resilience and Safeguarding (MARS) arrangements set out the arrangements for safeguarding partners to work together with other agencies, to identify and respond to the needs of children in North Lincolnshire

The appendices clarify the list of relevant agencies who are linked into our arrangements, along with the agencies who are statutorily required to engage in the Section 11 process, in which the Children’s MARS Board seeks assurance that the agencies are fulfilling their responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

The below info-sheet is a brief guide to the Children’s MARS Arrangements and sets out what information is available on our website

Children’s MARS Arrangements info-sheet

Our current partnership structure can also be found below. This information is included in the Children’s MARS Local Arrangements and Memorandum of Understanding in further detail.

Partnership arrangements info-sheet

Safeguarding Partners

In North Lincolnshire, the safeguarding partner organisations and the lead representatives are:

  • North Lincolnshire Council – Chief Executive
  • Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board – Executive Director of Nursing and Quality
  • Humberside Police – Chief Constable

All three safeguarding partners have equal and joint responsibility for local safeguarding arrangements underpinned by equitable and proportionate funding including through any contributions from relevant agencies. Locally, the lead representatives have delegated their functions and each partners has a lead responsibility for a specific portfolio area, which contributes to the delivery plan, as follows:

  • Director of Children and Families, North Lincolnshire Council (Portfolio area – Stakeholder partnership, voice and engagement and Child Safeguarding Practice Review process)
  • Director of Nursing and Quality, North Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership (Portfolio area – Scrutiny and assurance and Training)
  • Chief Superintendent and South Bank Commander, Humberside Police (Portfolio area – Funding and Performance)

The Children’s MARS Memorandum of Understanding provides further clarity regarding the safeguarding partners’ roles and responsibilities.

Children’s MARS Board

The Children’s MARS Board brings together the safeguarding partners, and other relevant officers, to oversee, innovate and develop the Children’s MARS arrangements and seek assurance regarding the standard of local implementation across the safeguarding system and to ensure children, young people and families are resilient and safeguarded.

The Children’s MARS Board terms of reference provides further detail regarding the board arrangements.