Key Documents

Children’s MARS ‘Shine a Light’ Areas of Focus

There are specific areas of focus in which the Children’s MARS Board wish to ‘shine a light’ on and to maintain oversight of to ensure there is focused partnership action, system change and robust practice to contribute to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and families.

The ‘shine a light’ areas of focus for 2023/24 are:

  • Further develop the multi-agency approach to child exploitation, specifically in relation to transitions
  • Further develop the interface and relationships with the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector
  • Further develop the understanding of and the multi-agency to the impact of domestic abuse on children
  • Further develop the multi-agency approach to early help

As well as our specific ‘shine a light’ areas of focus, the Children’s MARS Board adopts a ‘right to roam’ approach and as such, will maintain a line of sight across the early help and safeguarding pathway in order to seek assurance, challenge, shape and influence partnership action and system change, some of which are the responsibility of other partnership and planning frameworks.  As part of this, to orientate ‘line of sight’ activity, the Children’s MARS Board will take account of performance, practice wisdom and voice and experiences on wider emerging need and harm.

Further information on our areas of focus can be found in this Children’s MARS Spotlight.

Risk Outside the Home Strategy 2022/25

The North Lincolnshire Risk Outside the Home Strategy is set within the context of the One Family Approach. It sets out our response to risk outside the home by building upon the robust multi-agency arrangements already in place for tackling the different forms of risk outside the home.

North Lincolnshire Risk Outside the Home Strategy 2022/25