Policies, procedures and guidance

Helping Children and Families in North Lincolnshire

In North Lincolnshire, our One Family Approach aims to create a system that works for all children, young people and families where we work together to provide and commission integrated services for children and young people. Our ambition is for children to be in their family, in their school and in their community.  

This One Family Approach – Helping Children and Families in North Lincolnshire 2020/24 sets out how services support children, young people and families to participate, find help online and in their networks and communities, to be resilient, stay safe and independent.  This includes a key role for the three statutory partners – Humberside Police, North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group and North Lincolnshire Council – and other relevant partners on how we safeguard children.

One Family Approach Practice Model

Our OFA Practice Model provides the framework for how professionals in North Lincolnshire should work with children, young people and families.  It is based upon our North Lincolnshire culture, values and beliefs, aiming to help us to achieve our ambition to keep children in their families, in their schools and in their communities.  We do this by building on strengths, finding solutions in families and communities, building resilience and confidence and enabling independence. The practice model is also detailed in our Helping Children and Families in North Lincolnshire document in the above section.

Risk Outside the Home info-sheet

This info-sheet highlights the policies and procedures, guidance, key documents and resources including education and training available on our website relating to Risk Outside the Home.

North Lincolnshire Risk Outside the Home Approach

In North Lincolnshire we take a One Family Approach to how we commission, plan, develop, deliver and review our services for children and families. Developed under the auspices of the Integrated Children’s Trust, our One Family Approach seeks to create a system that works for all children, young people and families where we work together to provide and commission integrated services for children and young people.

The North Lincolnshire approach to risk outside the home not only draws upon years of local learning and experience about ‘what works’, it has also been shaped heavily by the views of children, young people and families.

Child Protection Conference documents

Quality standards for Child Protection Conferences

Best practice guidelines for preparation for and attendance at Child Protection Conference

Child Protection Conference agenda

Child Protection Conference report template

Managing Allegations documents

The below guides provide information around what happens when an allegation has been made against a person who volunteers or works with children in North Lincolnshire and what the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) will do.

For further information, see the Children’s MARS policy and procedure for managing allegations against adults who work with children which is available within the statutory procedures section to the right of this page.

Information for employees subject to an allegation

Information for employers

Information for parents and carers

Initial Considerations Guide

LADO referral form

Documents for Volunteers and Voluntary, Charity, Social Enterprise, Faith-Based Organisations and Private Sectors

Info-sheet for Volunteers and VCSE, Faith-Based and Private Sector Organisations – this info-sheet sets out the information and guidance available via the Children’s MARS website for VCSE Faith-Based and Private Sector organisations

Guidance on safeguarding policies for VCSE, Faith-Based and Private Sector Organisations – this document assists  organisations to develop a safeguarding policy and includes a template

Safeguarding policy template – PVI nurseries and early years provision  – template safeguarding policy for private voluntary and independent nurseries/early years provision

Safeguarding policy template – Childminders  – template safeguarding policy for childminders

Policies, procedures and guidance

On this page you will find the Children’s MARS Policies and Procedures.

Working Together 2023 provides statutory guidance on multi-agency working and outlines how agencies should respond individually and collectively to concerns relating to the helping, protecting and promoting the welfare of children.

It also includes guidance on, organisational responsibilities, multi-agency safeguarding arrangements, child safeguarding practice reviews and child death reviews. It provides links to relevant supplementary guidance that practitioners should consider. Our procedures reflect Working Together 2023 and are in two sections – statutory and supplementary.

Individual agency procedures must be compliant with the statutory Working Together guidance

Statutory documents

Supplementary documents