Children’s MARS Spotlight

The Children’s MARS Spotlight is a mechanism for coordinating key communications messages, tools and resources and upcoming training associated with the Children’s MARS ‘Shine a Light’ areas of focus.


Children’s MARS Conference – 5 May 2022

Conference presentations

‘Out of this World’ Conference – 2 November 2018


Early Adopters learning event(s)

  • Presentation (January) regarding progress as early adopters to National Children’s Bureau Learning Event on 22 January 2019
  • Presentation (March) regarding progress as early adopters to National Children’s Bureau Learning Event on 5 March 2019

Children’s MARS Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The Children’s MARS local arrangements identifies voice and engagement as a core function and the Children’s MARS Board is committed to effective communication and stakeholder engagement with professionals from safeguarding partners and relevant agencies working with children, young people and families, parents/carers, children and young people and members of the public.

As partners take a One Family Approach across North Lincolnshire, we want children, young people and families to be able to build upon their strengths and their resilience to find or be enabled to find solutions when things are not going so well. They should be able to access available information, advice, guidance and be enabled to maximise their potential and enhance their life chances.

We want children, young people and families to be supported by a workforce that is resilient, confident, competent and with authorisation to do what they think is the right thing to do without escalating children and families unnecessarily through a range of organisational systems and referral processes when the day to day contact with trusted professionals can make the difference.

When carried out effectively, communications and stakeholder engagement can have a significant impact on raising awareness, enabling self-responsibility and being resolution focussed, enhancing skills and knowledge, improving practice, driving partnership action and system change and supporting the work of the partnership. As such, it is integral in ensuring the effectiveness of safeguarding practice and in promoting the welfare of children and young people across North Lincolnshire.

The Children’s MARS Communication and Stakeholder engagement strategy sets out how the local arrangements will communicate and engage with stakeholders and how key information and messages will be communicated across the partnership.

Children’s MARS Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2022/2023

Children’s MARS Communications

The Children’s MARS Board produces quarterly news updates which provide information on the work of the multi-agency partnership and updates on the work of the Children’s MARS Board.  We also promote new training opportunities, resources for professionals, children and families and information relating to any events and conferences.

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Children’s MARS Conference 2022

The Children’s MARS Conference is taking place on 5 May 2022, 10.00am to 3.30pm – Forest Pines Hotel Conference Centre.

Tickets are free to book for those who work with children and families in North Lincolnshire.

The conference is an opportunity to bring together practitioners and local leaders at all levels who have responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. As well as having a focus on our local arrangements, there will be input from a national speaker who will help us to reflect upon local practice.

The Children’s MARS conference is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the work across the partnership and to:

  • understand and reflect on how we have embedded and refined our Local Arrangements
  • explore areas of good practice
  • consider the impact of partnership working on children and families and fewest best interventions leading to whole family turnaround
  • hear from and understand the lived experiences of children and families and the importance of voice and engagement
  • network and further develop our relational approach
  • understand local innovations and initiatives
  • ask questions and share your views on partnership working in North Lincolnshire to help shape and influence our future areas of focus and our ongoing commitment to listen, learn, review and adapt
To attend the event you need to register using the below link.

Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite and your place will be confirmed upon circulation of the conference programme prior to the event.

For any queries, please email

Safe North Lincs Social Media

Safe North Lincs is a partnership between the Children’s Multi Agency Resilience and Safeguarding Board and the Community Safety Partnership. Our vision is to promote safeguarding and resilience for children, families and communities to enable people to feel safe and be safe in North Lincolnshire.

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Partnerships news updates

National Child Exploitation Awareness Day – 23 March 2021

The National Child Exploitation Awareness Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Exploitation; encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children or children exploiting and abusing their peers.

Safeguarding is everyone’s business and our aim is to raise awareness of exploitation and get as many people talking about it and ‘Spotting the Signs’ and to start some vital conversations.

Below are some useful links from the NWG website to raise awareness of Child Exploitation and a number of posters which include the Children’s MARS logo and local contact details for Children’s Services Single Point of Contact:

NWG – #seesomethingsaysomething campaign

NWG – National CE awareness day page

NWG – National CE awareness day campaign pack

Spot the signs poster [PDF]

See Something, Say Something Poster 1 [PDF]

See Something, Say Something Poster 2 [PDF]

See Something, Say Something Poster 3 [PDF]

See Something, Say Something Poster 4 [PDF]


A Children’s MARS multi-agency communications campaign will begin on Monday 17 August under the hashtag #HowRUnorthlincs

In brief, the campaign seeks to encourage family members, neighbours, and citizens to look out for others, particularly parents of young children and ask ‘how are you?’ The campaign is in response to national concerns about hidden harm and the increased risk to babies in particular during COVID-19 restrictions, therefore signposts to domestic abuse, reducing parental conflict, and the ICON coping with crying resources.

Throughout the subsequent weeks, key resources will be shared through @SafeNorthLincs social media channels and through partner agencies communications networks under the hashtag #HowRUnorthlincs. This will link into previous communications work around ‘what to do if’ and the hint and tips leaflets for children and parents which provide guidance on how to help. These leaflets are available for download from our resources page.

The Relationship Matters website is now live!

Relationship Matters is a new partnership between North Lincolnshire Children’s Multi-Agency Resilience and Safeguarding (MARS) Arrangements and 14 other local authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber region helping families who may be having relationship difficulties. A new website has been launched to offer families information, tips and help and what better time than now as the coronavirus has made big changes to the way in which we live our everyday lives.

Further information is available on the Early Help page or by visiting the website at

NSPCC Elephant Practitioner Awards – 23 January 2020

Two members of our Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) steering group have been awarded an NSPCC Elephant Practitioners Award in recognition of their work to promote and increase the use of the GCP2 toolkit.

Since November 2017, approximately 250 multi-agency staff from across North Lincolnshire have been trained in the use of the GCP2. This is a significant proportion of the children’s workforce and has included staff from social work services, family support, children centres, health professionals, education staff, Humberside Police and the voluntary sector.

For further information about the GCP2 please visit our Neglect and the Graded Care Profile 2 page, which provides guidance on the principals of the tool, use of the GCP2 in North Lincolnshire and frequently asked questions.

Immersive Skills & Aspirations Project

In North Lincolnshire, first time entrants to the youth justice system continues to reduce. However, it was recognised that there was an increased proportion of children who subsequently re-offended and a higher number of children had received custodial sentences or were remanded for offences of serious violence.

The Immersive Skills and Aspirations project brought together partners with a view to doing something different and creating a pioneering new approach to:

  • reduce offending
  • reduce anti-social behaviour
  • prevent custody
  • build esteem and aspirations
  • prepare for education, employment and training,
  • manage the risk and improve outcomes,
  • build social, emotional skills and develop independence,
  • strengthen family relationships
  • develop life skills and opportunities

Value Base and Interventions

  • development of trusted meaningful relationships. The worker with the best relationship with the child is to provide holistic support, offer a coaching mentoring role and lead a single plan with partners supporting in the background.
  • unconditional positive regard for children in every interaction focusing on their strengths in order to build their confidence and resilience.
  • strengthening family relationships by involving the whole family in activities. This aims to equip parents with the skills to understand and manage the external risks as safeguarding partners and enhance the safety net around the child.
  • immerse the children in tailored intervention including a range of high adrenaline positive activities and outdoor pursuits. This aims to build their skills, self-esteem, and confidence, prepare them for education, employment and training, divert them from offending, anti-social behaviour and exploitation and give them opportunities to develop their aspirations.
  • direct work and interventions around current issues affecting children (healthy relationships, positive body image, violent crime, victim awareness) on a 1:1 and group basis is to be undertaken using a variety of mediums to enhance their understanding of risks and develop positive peer relationships. These mediums include art, music, dance, sport
  • build life skills and Qualifications to enhance CVs (Food Hygiene, arts and music qualifications, first aid, budgeting)
  • cooking meals for their family on a budget to strengthen relationships and support family as safeguarding partners
  • residential opportunities to include outdoor pursuits to enhance their confidence and team working skills

Outcomes achieved

  • anti-social behaviour, missing episodes and crimes reported reduced overall by 37%. This has reduced from an average of 15.6 reports per week to 9.9
  • a significant decrease in the number of crimes that involved violence (65% decrease)
  • less than half the number of burglary/robberies
  • the reported anti-social behaviour in the key hotspot location for the wider group has reduced.
  • all participants in the Unitas Summer Arts achieved a GCSE in Art from Trinity College London.
  • all Parents of the above children attended the award ceremony
  • the young people were proud of the skills they have achieved in graffiti, art, DJing and cookery
  • a number of the young people achieved their Food Hygiene Award.
  • missing episodes have significantly reduced for the cohort.
  • a young person who was estranged from his father has rebuilt his relationship and moved back to the family home. He has also secured a part time job and has aspirations to begin an apprenticeship in summer having been NEET for the previous 9 months. He has been given trust to babysit his younger siblings which he was very proud about and he has gained significant praise from his parents for the improvements he has made. His offending and anti-social behaviour has completely stopped.
  • one young person has been supported to engage in an apprenticeship following the project.
  • the feedback from the young people, parents and partner agencies has been very positive in terms of the outcomes achieved for the children and the improvement in their relationship with their children
  • the Immersive Skills and Aspirations project has been shortlisted for 2 awards (The Howard League for Penal Reform Community Award 2019 and The North Lincolnshire Community Champion Award 2019)
  • funding from the Community Safety Partnership has been secured to provide apprenticeships for two children
  • the emotional welfare, self-confidence and aspirations of all children have improved
  • the cohort of young people have completed a range of activities and a residential trip