Children’s MARS arrangements – refreshed and republished

As early adopters of the multi agency safeguarding arrangements, our arrangements were originally published in October 2018.  In line with our commitment to listen, learn, review and adapt, we refreshed our arrangements and republished in June 2019 (in line with statutory timescales).

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Annual Review of Local Arrangements to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Children and Young People – 2018/2019

The annual review was published on 30 September 2019. For further information, go to Key Documents

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Safe North Lincs is a partnership between the Children’s Multi Agency Resilience and Safeguarding Board and the Community Safety Partnership. Our vision is to promote safeguarding and resilience for children, families and communities to enable people to feel safe and be safe in North Lincolnshire.

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NSPCC Elephant Practitioner Awards – 23 January 2020

Two members of our Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) steering group have been awarded an NSPCC Elephant Practitioners Award in recognition of their work to promote and increase the use of the GCP2 toolkit.

Since November 2017, approximately 250 multi-agency staff from across North Lincolnshire have been trained in the use of the GCP2. This is a significant proportion of the children’s workforce and has included staff from social work services, family support, children centres, health professionals, education staff, Humberside Police and the voluntary sector.

For further information about the GCP2 please visit our Neglect and the Graded Care Profile 2 page, which provides guidance on the principals of the tool, use of the GCP2 in North Lincolnshire and frequently asked questions.

Immersive Skills & Aspirations Project

In North Lincolnshire, first time entrants to the youth justice system continues to reduce. However, it was recognised that there was an increased proportion of children who subsequently re-offended and a higher number of children had received custodial sentences or were remanded for offences of serious violence.

The Immersive Skills and Aspirations project brought together partners with a view to doing something different and creating a pioneering new approach to:

  • reduce offending
  • reduce anti-social behaviour
  • prevent custody
  • build esteem and aspirations
  • prepare for education, employment and training,
  • manage the risk and improve outcomes,
  • build social, emotional skills and develop independence,
  • strengthen family relationships
  • develop life skills and opportunities

Value Base and Interventions

  • development of trusted meaningful relationships. The worker with the best relationship with the child is to provide holistic support, offer a coaching mentoring role and lead a single plan with partners supporting in the background.
  • unconditional positive regard for children in every interaction focusing on their strengths in order to build their confidence and resilience.
  • strengthening family relationships by involving the whole family in activities. This aims to equip parents with the skills to understand and manage the external risks as safeguarding partners and enhance the safety net around the child.
  • immerse the children in tailored intervention including a range of high adrenaline positive activities and outdoor pursuits. This aims to build their skills, self-esteem, and confidence, prepare them for education, employment and training, divert them from offending, anti-social behaviour and exploitation and give them opportunities to develop their aspirations.
  • direct work and interventions around current issues affecting children (healthy relationships, positive body image, violent crime, victim awareness) on a 1:1 and group basis is to be undertaken using a variety of mediums to enhance their understanding of risks and develop positive peer relationships. These mediums include art, music, dance, sport
  • build life skills and Qualifications to enhance CVs (Food Hygiene, arts and music qualifications, first aid, budgeting)
  • cooking meals for their family on a budget to strengthen relationships and support family as safeguarding partners
  • residential opportunities to include outdoor pursuits to enhance their confidence and team working skills

Outcomes achieved

  • anti-social behaviour, missing episodes and crimes reported reduced overall by 37%. This has reduced from an average of 15.6 reports per week to 9.9
  • a significant decrease in the number of crimes that involved violence (65% decrease)
  • less than half the number of burglary/robberies
  • the reported anti-social behaviour in the key hotspot location for the wider group has reduced.
  • all participants in the Unitas Summer Arts achieved a GCSE in Art from Trinity College London.
  • all Parents of the above children attended the award ceremony
  • the young people were proud of the skills they have achieved in graffiti, art, DJing and cookery
  • a number of the young people achieved their Food Hygiene Award.
  • missing episodes have significantly reduced for the cohort.
  • a young person who was estranged from his father has rebuilt his relationship and moved back to the family home. He has also secured a part time job and has aspirations to begin an apprenticeship in summer having been NEET for the previous 9 months. He has been given trust to babysit his younger siblings which he was very proud about and he has gained significant praise from his parents for the improvements he has made. His offending and anti-social behaviour has completely stopped.
  • one young person has been supported to engage in an apprenticeship following the project.
  • the feedback from the young people, parents and partner agencies has been very positive in terms of the outcomes achieved for the children and the improvement in their relationship with their children
  • the Immersive Skills and Aspirations project has been shortlisted for 2 awards (The Howard League for Penal Reform Community Award 2019 and The North Lincolnshire Community Champion Award 2019)
  • funding from the Community Safety Partnership has been secured to provide apprenticeships for two children
  • the emotional welfare, self-confidence and aspirations of all children have improved
  • the cohort of young people have completed a range of activities and a residential trip


Early Adopters learning event(s)

  • Presentation (January) regarding progress as early adopters to National Children’s Bureau Learning Event on 22 January 2019
  • Presentation (March) regarding progress as early adopters to National Children’s Bureau Learning Event on 5 March 2019