Training Programme

There is an extensive range of safeguarding training for people working with children, young people and their families. The training programme can be found here



Trauma Training facilitated by Barnardos

9th September 2019 09.30-3.00 at Humber UTC

This course will enable you to understand the neuro-science of trauma, understand the effects of PTSD on children and young people’s emotions, behaviour, physical and mental health.

Neglect/Graded Care Profile2

9th September 09.00, UTC Training & Development College

Neglect  – AM

This will provide an introduction to the topic of child neglect, taking a lived experience approach of the family. The session aims to provide an interactive approach to understanding the complexity around neglect, this will include

  • Understanding Neglect – neglect as the foundation stone for other forms of harm, neglect as a relationship-based phenomena rather than incident-led
  • Developing the mindset – Lived experience of the child, child’s voice, observing and talking to children, what children mean within families
  • How to help – Permissions to help and overcoming barriers

Graded Care Profile 2 – PM

This will provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to be accredited for use of the graded care profile 2 (GCP2). The GCP2 is a practical tool which supports practitioners in measuring the quality of care delivered to an individual child from an individual carer or carers over a short window of time, and is designed to give a representative overview of the current level of care. The grades are based on observations and good quality evidence gathered during this window. The GCP2 reviews “what it’s like” for the child not “why it’s happening”. However, parental issues are taken into account during the analysis and planning stage. A judgement of whether parenting is neglectful or not is based on whether the needs of a child are adequately being met. The GCP2 helps professionals to be clear as to what the basic needs of a child are, and to what degree they are being met. This allows practitioners to make reasoned and explicit judgements in relation to neglect.

Please note – Practitioners may choose to attend just the neglect morning session, just the GCP2 afternoon session or the full day.

Child Protection

2nd & 3rd  October 2019 at UTC Training & Development College

This course will develop an awareness of professional’s responsibilities to safeguard children and the key processes that underpin this.

Early Help Assessment

5th November 2019 at UTC Training & Development College

This will provide you with an understanding about the Early Help Offer and process, the Early Help Strategy and the Assessment model. It will give you the skills required to complete the assessment detailing how to complete the assessment model.

How to book on

To book your place on a course, please complete and return the Course Booking Form to or to the Multi Agency Innovation Hub, Hewson House, Station Road, Brigg, DN20 8XJ

Domestic Abuse – The Blue Door training programme

The Blue Door Domestic Abuse Training Programme 2019/20 is coming soon.

Once available, complete and return The Blue Door Booking Form [DOC 31KB] as directed.


Safeguarding Awareness Booklet 

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Booklet

Child Sexual Exploitation  (CSE) Booklet

For more information, please contact the Multi Agency Innovation Hub.